Vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor  
technologies and process control software  
for analysis, monitoring and control

Leak Detectors ...

INFICON Helium Leak Detectors are designed to meet the most critical and demanding leak detection applications.

Setting the standard for
ease-of-use, speed, versatility and reliability,
INFICON helium leak detectors include
mobile, portable and cabinet models.

Two families of leak detectors
- helium and refrigerant -
are used for a wide variety of purposes.

INFICON is a leading
developer, manufacturer and supplier of
vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and process control software,
with an emphasis on
process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related industries.

PROTEC Helium Sniffer Leak Detector


A High-Sensitivity Helium Sniffer Leak Detector for Sub-Assembly and
Mid-Production Quality Testing



PROTEC addresses the quality awareness and cost reduction demands of the air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturing environment. PROTEC Helium Sniffer Leak Detector is optimally tuned for leak-testing refrigeration systems before filling or for components during production. Its measurement sensitivity, response times, and price-to-performance ratio are significantly superior to comparable instruments.



UL1000 Fab Helium Leak Detector


A new Dimension in Stability and Responsiveness on Leaks Down to 10-12 atm cc/s



The INFICON UL1000 Fab Mobile Helium Leak Detector is specifically designed to meet the requirements of semiconductor applications.

Making ease of use, leak detection efficiency and mobility within the fab environment system priorities, the UL1000 Fab provides an extremely fast leak rate response across all measurement ranges. The UL1000 Fab offers never before seen leak rate stability down to < 5x10-12 atm cc/s through an optimised vacuum architecture that combines high helium pumping speed and high inlet pressures. Proprietary software allows you to forget long response times in low leak rate ranges as the UL1000 Fab responds quickly to all leak rate ranges. Designed as a mobile leak detection tool, the UL1000 Fab is highly maneuverable allowing the leak detector easy access throughout the facility.




  • maintenance work on semiconductor process tools, with or without support from their own pump
  • inspections and installations of process gas systems
  • leak testing of components before they are installed in existing tools
  • applications requiring high pumping speed and senstivity, plus clean testing conditions



UL5000 Helium Leak Detector


Defining Speed and Accuracy in Leak Detection



The INFICON UL5000 Helium Leak Detector is designed to meet the most critical and demanding leak detection applications. Featuring INFICON proprietary software algorithms in a field-proven vacuum design, the UL5000 provides testing flexibility, high sensitivity and quick accurate results making any leak detection application fast and easy.
The UL5000 delivers fast response times in all measurement ranges and extremely short cycle times in reaching test conditions and final results. The specially designed vacuum architecture provides the continuous high helium pumping speeds and the extremely fast response times you demand.
The UL5000 crosses over to test at very high pressures and delivers consistently high pumping speeds across all pressure ranges with excellent sensitivity.




  • Leak testing components, subassemblies and large chambers used on semiconductor and flat panel display tools
  • Leak testing semiconductor and flat panel tools
  • Leak testing aerospace components, subassemblies, and systems
  • Leak testing medical products, such as pace makers, catheters, X-ray tubes, and MRI systems
  • Leak testing storage vessels/storage tanks



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